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Day in ….Day out

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If you kick in the pants of the person responsible for all your troubles, you won’t sit for a month  Theodore Roosevelt

Rita fumbled for the smart phone, playing the ‘cool waves’ tune for her to wake up in a calm and composed state of mind . After silencing it, she dozed off again, waking up half an hour later, in a mood exactly opposite of ‘tranquility’ she aimed the previous night.

Managing all chores at the nick of the time, she sent off her husband Nikhil and kids Ritwik and Nisha for their destinations.

She decided to rewind while checking her WhatsApp and Facebook messages, assuming that the maid, who is with her for five years, will take care of things in the way she always wanted them to be. While 120 minutes of her life, vanished into thin air, the maid also bid farewell for the day which she acknowledged without taking eyes off the screen.

She took a quick bath and rushed out to finish shopping for things required for tomorrow. On return, she found that the washing machine had stopped due to power failure and clothes were not dried and since she forgot to instruct, the maid has not grated the coconut which is required for cooking dinner.

Leaving the shopping bags near the fridge she proceeded to have a cut short lunch while watching a Mike Douglas thriller on TV. Due to metro work kids got home late and hungry. Since she didn’t make anything she gave them biscuits and tetra pack juices and decided to take rest for sometime.

After a few moments, she took the phone just to check WhatsApp messages, read some, answered a few queries and again closed her eyes …but mind started wandering about the clothes not yet dried, things not arranged and dinner to be made, while kids deeply involved in their gadgets.

Became restless and got up at 5 pm, told the kids to go to play, decided to skip her walking and started preparing dinner. On return from office, when Nikhil enquired about the chaotic state of home and the online bills which she forgot to pay, they got into an argument, exchanged a few harsh words, both resigned to their shells.

Due to each one’s preoccupation, dinner was finished quietly and Rita started winding up the kitchen. At that time, Ritwik informed an exasperated Rita that he needed a chart and world map for tomorrow to school. She saw that it was closing time for the nearby stationary shop,  leaving everything as it is, she sped there in her scooty.

After clearing kitchen, Rita retired to bed sore to the core but sleep eluded her for long as she didn’t do any exercise….Tomorrow is another day…..!



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