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God, The punisher?

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There are people who totally rubbish the idea of God and those who staunchly believe in the Omnipresent, Omnipotent God and will perform elaborate rituals daily.

I don’t fall in both the categories. I may be part of the ‘accept-GOD-is-there-but can’t-do-dictated-rites-in-a-ceremonious-way’ category.

I love the concept of God and wholeheartedly trust that there is a force beyond my understanding and imagination. I also like to give a name, face & figure as I like to remember HIM/HER and have faith in the unlimited power to set right anything. In the last phrase is what I strongly believe, HE/SHE can set right things by Generating / Protecting/Destroying as deemed fit but never agreed or come to terms with the ‘Punishing ‘part of GOD and our need to plead forgiveness or do ‘this/that’ to appease His/Her anger.

There is a WhatsApp message circulating with the concept that Dronacharya and Bheeshmacharya, the very good and honest people with integrity, were killed in the Mahabharata war because of their one act of injustice shown to Draupadi and Karna for his injustice to Abhimanyu in the war field. Their one single act of wrong doing, robbed them of all the effect of the goodness,  accumulated over their life time.

This message is what I feel created for upholding the age old idea of ‘Fear of God’ to make people to do things in the right way. Telling them to be disciplined, show justice to all in every situations although opposite may help them to gain, be honest, maintain integrity, etc etc etc, directly, our race never agreed or followed, hence the clause, ‘if you don’t’ introduced with the punishment that awaited them in case of non compliance.

The judgement day and Chitragupta’s record keeping are constantly reminded to keep the flock in the straight line, because of its tendency to go wayward as proved time and again. Since its difficult for me to accept anything blindly I always thought about this aspect and searched for an answer. It is my conclusion that there is a cause and effect but the results are seen on earth and within this lifetime. The supreme GOD is all merciful and is a not  a judge who is going to proclaim our sentence every time we err. HE knows that he made us with flaws and it is part of our mechanism to falter.

I am not talking about the people whose idea of living is being evil, trouble or ill treat everyone around them or grossly misbehave without any consideration and gain happiness only from these behaviour. I have no clue why they are or do like that and how they will be ‘set right’ by GOD either in this Janma or in the next.

The common mortals like me who search for happiness in their life and commit some sins either knowingly or unknowingly but regret it later cannot be punished severely for their one/two/three ….:) acts of injustice as mentioned in that message. As the act of injustice done is considered, the act of regret should also be taken for account. Am not saying good deeds will cancel the bad ones and balance the book but totally believe that the genuine feeling of regret has some influence on how a person is judged or treated, surely in God’s eyes!if-people-are-good-only-because-they-fear-punishment

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