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End Year New Year See Saw

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new-year-2017-hd-wallpaperThe last week and first week of a year usually brings forth most of the emotions which were normally kept under wraps or restrained during the rest 50 weeks.

The last week of the year takes up in its fold ‘the hype about the past achievements and expectations in multifold for the future, the vow to being contented and happy for what we got in comparison to million others, the real joy of some accomplishment, the revelry due to holidays, the urge to finish or start something to get the satisfaction, the firm belief that all are over on the trouble front and the hope that henceforth everything will be new and good, I can go on!

Overall, it’s a good time to be as all the doubts and fears are swept under the carpet and seeds of a fresh new world where everything is possible are thrown over every aspect of life. Lets go party!

New year….. first day sees the light break a little late after all partying but earth just finishes its same old rotation as it did in the previous day, may be a little tilted in its axis with all the party garbage dumped on it.

With the routine restored on the second day, the world wakes up to the fact that it’s only the calendar that has changed and nothing else. But the euphoria carries on and armed with the resolutions made in the previous week, a new resolve to make things work propels the day. This week puts forth ‘the new positive outlook on the world, the urge to change for good, the organising ability to sort things out, the understanding of the possibility to do so much in the next 52 weeks, the mental strength to plough through the difficulties, Yes! I can!

The week ended, all excited neurones settled down and a cold wave sweeps over and its time to take the comfort in the warmth, a mundane day brings in. The appreciation of everything life provided, the importance of love from the dear ones, the happiness of the small everyday things, the gratitude for being alive, all dawns upon!

A fortnight of high on emotions, year after year, is a must to feel and live life, so awaiting the next dose 😉

Happy New Year 2017!



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