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Gratitude for Granted


It is believed that being strong, hiding emotions and showing empathy will get accolades and appreciation but it’s not so mostly as the strong person is usually ‘taken for granted’ and considered as one ‘not looking for kindness’!

Do you know the downside of being strong and empathetic ? No one will even wait to hear your reply for the casual query ‘how are you’ and presume all is well.There is a saying in Tamil, that only the crying baby gets the milk but unfortunately some babies think crying is weakness!

Unconditional love is glorified everywhere  but I am sure if not reciprocated at least once in a while and soon enough, that also won’t last forever. 

In the day to day life, woman of the house will not talk politely or even in a normal tone with her husband whereas she will be the epitome of courtesy outside. A man considered as an absolute angel for many in the office might be a terror for the children at home. The maid who follows strict discipline in every household she works might be tardy with her longest and most considerate employer. You may attribute all these behaviour to the disease  ‘Taking Them For Granted’

originalNormally the person or the things that we take for granted are the ones truly deserve our gratitude.

Recently I spent my leisure to analyse different aspects of my life to understand the gratitude I have for those granted to me!

I am grateful for:

  • My health – Till a year back I have not taken it seriously that I need to ‘DO’ something to take care of it and neglected the importance of fitness regime to have a healthy life. I am glad that at least now I have understood.
  • My super awesome Hubby – In my conservative ideas, I still presume he will follow me for the next six janmas 😉
  • Our child – A blessing and a joy forever.
  •  The loving family – It is usually assumed that family will love and accept you whatever you do or don’t. It is not so and as every relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for, family too needs our attention and appreciation.
  • Our Lovely abode – Situated in a beautiful gated community overlooking the blue skies and green garden valley, the place of our own is a Home we created.
  • The daily food on the table,  intellectually stimulating company of friends, a vibrant community and association with a social cause, everything has my gratitude and everyday I am thankful for.
  • The innumerable occasions when things could have gone wrong but resulted in positive outcomes- I just ‘Thank God’

Gratitude usually attracts more good things and let us acknowledge the ‘Granted’ ones and wish for some more!


Author: rdsv

Reading and writing are my passion!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude for Granted

  1. Super Rama. Sometimes, all we need to make our day brighter is to stop and realize that it is already a bright and sunny day, we just havent really paid attention. Keep writing.

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