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Pastime Pleasures!

The greatest happiness comes from being vitally interested in something that excites all your energies     – Walter Annenberg 

It has been a year since I found some exciting activities to do at my leisure even though I left my regular job three years back to be at home. It is really tough being occupied in a profession and suddenly out of it without having a proper plan to use the extra hours at hand.

Universally known fact is that “work expands to fill the time available” and I found out that it is more so with household chores. They are highly elastic in nature and pull themselves and you along unless you know when to stop.

In the beginning, I was totally lost trying to do odd things at odd hours and not able to make anyone including the house help to do anything  as per my convenience. Even though I was continuously busy, at the end of the day I was feeling empty and fatigued (It might have been due to lack of proper exercise too which I can relate after I got into my fitness regime)

Where I started

After so many days of frustration, anger and guilty feelings, I have finally found my peace by registering for an online course in counselling during mid 2015. Studying for the course not only kept me occupied but also helped me understand and manage my emotions. The situational analysis and solution finding exercises for completing the assignments and case studies converted my idle mind into an over working brain and drove away the devil from his workshop.

With this newfound knowledge and wisdom, I started a conversation with my inner voice and engaged it in finding the things that will give me happiness and cease the restlessness. Having understood my commitments, I have decided that it will not be worthwhile  to join the workforce on a full time basis and on the other hand part time jobs suiting my requirements are hard to come by. So I directed my heart to find those things which can be done leisurely at my own time and convenience at the same time giving me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment as I am out of gainful employment anyway.

What I Found

The deep thinking brought out my forgotten skill in the crochet work  I have learnt earlier. I started searching for videos and tutorials to refresh my memories. Downloaded Pinterest and created different boards and pinned my interests. While on this stumbled upon different variety cooking ideas and recipes which were added to my collections under a different board.

With the confidence I gained after writing my assignments, I revisited my desire to open my blog and broke the barriers on the way. Here I am sharing my thoughts and feeling the joy.

Meanwhile, youtube surfing thrown up some channels teaching how to draw traditional Kolams/Rangoli  which I always wanted to learn and practice. Although in the videos they are drawn on the floor, I started redrawing them in a notebook and practiced till I got the designs right. Some smaller designs I did in our house entrance using white powder and gained confidence.

Bought a hoop and threads and learnt kutch embroidery when the opportunity knocked.

Meanwhile, the balcony garden I have with some potted plants kept me engaged and provided the unparellelled pleasure .

Somedays I go crazy and continue my crochet till I complete the design and somedays I will draw as many kolams to fill my notebooks. Somedays I totally immerse myself in the book I am reading in my kindle and other days are spent watching Hollywood movies end to end. On a fine evening, one of the special recipes will catch my attention and will compel me to make and share in WhatsApp groups. Some weekends are indulged in gardening or writing my thoughts down.

The activities I have chosen retained my interest, excited the senses and focussed the energies.  Therefore, whichever one I am doing, I am just Lovin’ them…Glad to share some pictures of my creations here!


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Plot twist


A Teacher wanted her kindergarten kids to experience the darkness when they closed their eyes and saw black; only that a boy who was sitting near the window and getting sunlight on his face, saw red instead. 😑

Expecting to surprise the beloved, a newly married, prepared the dish exactly measuring all the ingredients as mentioned in the recipe, forgetting only to switch on the stove. 👨‍🍳

For a month the whole family was excited about and looking forward to their journey to their favourite tourism spot; packed and reached the railway station well in time but to be told by the TTE that the tickets were booked for the previous night train. 🚇🚆🚂

When explaining the gravity principle, teacher threw the chalk piece towards the roof informing the students that gravity will bring it down. The chalk piece got stuck between the beams and defied the gravity. 🐧🙈🐥

An high school boy prepared well throughout the night and was fully confident of answering all questions; only thing he didn’t anticipate was that the exam is for another subject.🦉🤦🏻‍♂️

A besotted husband, to create an impression for the wife called home a “hard to please relative” for a south Indian lunch with a good spread; after serving all items, the wife realised that she forgot to cook rice.🤷‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️


One day Marvin went to a farm. 

“Would you like to take this hen home to eat?” The farmer asked Marvin

“Oh, I would, I would ” said Marvin. “But tell me – What does it eat?”

          – Bennett Cerf



Ten days are over after participating for the first time in the females only running event ‘Pinkathon’ in our city  and I have decided today to ponder over the experience.

Foremost in my mind is the buzz it caused in our apartment complex. With more than 30 ladies in different age groups participating en masse was enough to create a talk and with the group successfully completing their respective distances turned it into a full blown news item. It had been the conversation starter ever since and all showed a genuine appreciation for the group. With uploads of photos in social network platforms, the details reached world wide.

It all began a month back, forming a group, inspiring and motivating each other, joining for the practice sessions, Bib collection trips, transportation arrangement to the venue, discussion about post run activities, all focussed to keep the momentum and excitement alive.

The actual experience fully met the expectations with everything going as planned and the fun element is included in everything from waking up early to selfie moments to ride up to venue to the Zumba session for warming up and finally the run on the road with ten thousand more women. It was amazing!!!!!!

As I reflect upon my affair with this fixture , the following played in my mind:

  • It gave me an objective to look forward to and plan the daily activities surrounding this objective.
  • The anticipation to know how much I can push my body and the suspense of the unknown outcome on the D day
  • The opportunity to better the time over the previous performances now armed with the newfound knowledge and practical wisdom
  • The appreciation received for the regular work out and its effects on the body is the real adrenalin pusher.


The organisers of the run along with the frontal bib, had given one more bib to be pinned on the back. This back bib came with the tagline ‘I leave behind‘ to be completed by the runners with their choice of words/verbs/nouns/sentences.

I liked the concept and embraced it by writing the one thing I really want to leave behind and pinned my bib dutifully on the back of my pink t-shirt for the whole world to see. I am also intrigued to know what others in my group wrote and also made a mental note to see as many messages while on the path.

Some of the messages I got from the group, the ones I saw in the venue and while on the road are summed up here.

I leave behind

My insecurities
My past life
Need to be fair (complexion)
Regret about past deeds
Fear of change
Need to be perfect
Fear of running
Getting up early
Short temper(this is mine ;)………….etc..

The Run

The venue was packed with the milling pink & white crowd starting from toddlers to senior citizens, in sarees as seen in a wedding to minimal dresses as required to fashionistas ready to walk on the ramp to those who didn’t care the world except to cover from head to toe to protect against the chill. There were every type to see and appreciate.

Some sincerely ran, some came just to take selfies every ten meters. Some ran alone while many walked in groups and blocked the whole road without any care. Some chatted away about their plans for next year run.

A few ran only when they spotted a photographer zooming on his lens and continued their stroll after crossing him . Some might not have even gone on the road as quite a few were dancing for the music near the stage, as I have noticed before and after my run.

I ran at a steadier pace and without any stress and felt very good about it. I didn’t better the time or run fully as I had anticipated but the satisfaction is unequivocal. The thoughts about cancer survivors and people fighting their battles against this deadly disease filled my mind whole time and I have dedicated my small feat to all of them.

Way Back

Collecting the pack of goodies and the finisher medal ( a cute pink cloth doll made by Tsunami survivors, we were told), with adrenalin pumping, we shed our shyness and tried to shake legs with the music. A long walk to the nearby restaurant didn’t get the breakfast we wanted and hence decided to stop in a ‘Thindi’ (Roadside cafe) on the way. Though not much was said before the run, a lot discussed on the return trip accompanied by intermittent laughter.

We resumed our discussion about future running events a day after but it is  a given that to raise up to this one will take another year 🙂

“We don’t meet people by accident; They are meant to cross our path for a reason”


I wish……

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

I wish I know what to do with my hands whenever I pose alone for a photograph….

I wish I do things spontaneously, sometime…

I wish I  learn to say less and listen more……

I wish I impose my ideas little strongly or support a side staunchly….

I wish the swelling in my chest and the possessiveness I exude are not so overt whenever my loved ones are appreciated……

I wish I remember my finest points before the argument is over not after an hour…..

I wish I halt the imagination that all the symptoms of  a disease I just read about, are already existing in me …

I wish I could command my tears to go back to their glands after I realise how foolish it is to shed them….

I wish I end the urge to  smoothen the sofa cover or puff the pillows every time I pass….

I wish I remain strong and hold my ground when I say ‘NO’ to my son…..

I wish I am able to control the yearning for some extraordinary talent which I could never have……..

I wish I start accounting my expenses and making a monthly grocery list ….

I wish I stop looking at the cute girl dresses and think how good they will look on my unborn daughter….

I wish I don’t watch so many cooking videos on youtube or collect all awesome recipes for my future day preparations…..

…… OR……

I wish I could protect my mind from thinking too much !!!!!!! 😉 😉 🙂