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“Be Moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance” – Epicurus

Extremism in every form scares me.

‘R u with us or against us? Could not be answered in a clear cut way by all. I like to mumble and escape when confronted by two extremists pushing their agenda.

It’s not that I don’t have preferences. Certainly I do and exercise my likings whenever required.

I like reading more than watching sport and in reading I like mysteries and war stories compared to romance and drama. Will read political and local headlines in newspaper and skip business and sports sections completely!!!

I prefer comedies and thrillers when come to movies over action and tragic tales. In food I love spicy food in contrast to sweets or cakes.  Sober colours and cool cottons are picked out for my clothes and minimalism is practiced religiously when comes to make up and dressing up for occasions.

Walking and yoga are favoured for my fitness routine over gym or zumba. I incline towards praying quietly and searching my inner soul for answers relating to life and God and purposely avoid elaborate rituals. I have voted for one party and rejected another.

In all the above, I never shun the other totally or walked out on them. Accepted and agreed upon once in a while. Tasted or refused diplomatically citing some reasons. Read a chapter and tossed away. Gave company when invited to watch a match. Tolerated the violent or smooching films when thrown in my way. Participated in poojas or ceremonies to fulfil social obligations. Listened to both the campaigns.

So whenever I come across people who are very strong in their opinions and preferences I  freeze. When they refused to negotiate on their stand,  no word comes out of my throat. I will feel agitated inside sometimes when the agreement or disagreement comes staunchly without a slight consideration for the other side, especially when the parties are close in relationship. I feel so dejected when some choices are not even considered and rejected outrightly.

It may be said that respect comes for people who have sure footing rather than to those who are constantly in dilemmas or agree for everything. True, it is really difficult to deal with those ‘no-stand-of their-own’ people as they are incapable of taking decisions and will be riding on others back always.

Again, these are people of other extreme, whereas there are some sensitive beings who see good in everyone and appreciate it genuinely. There should be a middle point somewhere where all of us can co-exist and live happily ever  after. 😉

Are we not social animals and expected to live amicably by adjusting and compromising a bit to have peace and harmony?. If everyone feel that what they say or do is correct and stick to their guns, how are we supposed to move together to achieve the common good? Isn’t it learnt from history that infighting destroyed one’s own?

A positive and rewarding point I have identified in practicing moderation in different aspects of life is the ease with which we can correct ourselves whenever we made some mistakes. It also saves face and ego bruises are negligible when the opponent scores a clear goal. What do you say????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy to be a moderate!

“Life is really simple; but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius


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