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Today morning at one point of time, I was

-Making dosa for my breakfast

-boiling milk for my son’s cornflakes

-preparing coffee for the maids

-clarifying my son’s doubt on the online maths test he was taking on congruence of triangles

-answering my maid’s question on the new cleaning liquid I made using vinegar and lemon halves

-remembering to recollect the relative whose daughter’s baby shower my husband got invitation to attend in April which he informed me in real time while on the phone with her as he didn’t want me to tell later that he didn’t inform me :’O

-attending to a phone call asking whether I will attend the Holi celebration happening at our apartment

-apart from thinking about the vegetables to be cut for lunch and other things….

Just patted my back!

Author: rdsv

Reading and writing are my passion!

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