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Here is the Why!

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Why I want to write a blog? I have asked this question so many times to self and here is the answer….

I enjoy putting down my thoughts in words. Its like having a conversation with a patient listener who doesn’t interrupt or change the topic!

While writing I like the way my connected thoughts pouring out and my brain working overtime to get more related ideas from the far corners where I have stored them.

They may be coming from my experience or what I have read years before or seen in today’s newspaper. They may be related to the current scenario or something happened to others somewhere sometime.

Once typed down, it gives me immense pleasure and relief which I compare sometime with delivering the baby. I will be restless like a pregnant woman in the last trimester eagerly awaiting the due date, till then. Once delivered/finished the draft, I will be keep checking the whole body (text) to see whether all in good shape and perfect form. :’) before inviting the world to see my baby.

Also like all happy and proud mothers I always look forward to the compliments showered on my awesome baby… 🙂  So, please like, comment and follow me!!


Author: rdsv

Reading and writing are my passion!

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