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I’m Possible!


In the last three days I had three outings with friends and thoroughly enjoyed the whole time.

Two of them are with the same set of adults and their kids with whom I watched a movie and trekked a hill nearby our place. Both activities were planned with little time in advance and mostly through Whatsapp group discussion still achieved a greater participation with enthusiasm. As far as I am concerned, the whole experience was an absolute pleasure and filed under ‘my most memorable days’ folder.

if I think about the people (5 awesome ladies) with whom I shared these moments, we are not bestsies or thick friends who touch base always although we know each other for more than 5 years. A common friend connected all of us and we were happy to come together. We did some adjustments in our daily life to accommodate these outings, for the sake of kids and for ourselves. Took it in our stride when some of the things that happened were not as per our expectations or liking.  None of us complained too much or intruded in other’s privacy but ensured that all are included in the fun part without fail. Laughed out loud, encouraged each other to try new things, asked for each one’s review of the movie and exchanged ideas along with refreshments.

In all, it was a very cordial time spent together and each activity lasted four hours maximum on the day and it was not difficult to manage.

Therefore, when my friend called and said that because of this group it was possible and with some others it would not have been easy to pull through, I was astonished. She was saying that most if invited would like to know ‘who else are coming’ before even asking ‘where are we going or what are we doing’.  They have so much hesitation to even try or do some adjustments for a day to move with people from similar backgrounds. As I said it’s hardly four hours of interaction and in that also it was not necessary to be intimate with everyone all the time.  Even then it is unacceptable to some and they will be happy to throw away the fantastic experience of meeting people and having a wonderful time.

IMG_0718The insecurities, uncomfortable feelings, less confidence in self, ego clashes, fear of unknown, etc etc are quoted as reasons for this. But I wonder, where is the simplicity, humility, acceptance, joy of being together, sensitivity, considering others before self, goodness etc etc which will allow us to lower our guard sometime and enjoy life.

Surely I am not alone!



Author: rdsv

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2 thoughts on “I’m Possible!

  1. I’m a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason and play an important role in your life and growth as a person. Great post👍😀

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