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Ultimate Goal

“You are born here to be happy”

“Winning or losing, Life is a celebration”


Everyday, we face a lot of situations which make us feel happy, sad, angry, upset, overwhelmed, depressed or confused too sometime. Whatever may be the reaction, it is very important that as soon as possible, we return back to our basic objective of our life, i.e, being happy. 

If we allow any other feelings that I mentioned above to take over the whole day, the knots will be tightened and detangling will be difficult, which is against our human nature. We need to find the ends quickly and be free and fine at the end of the day. When we focus on the positive things, however small they may be, it will blow up soon to mask the failings. It is also true that happiness is communicable and we make the world a better place to live for others by we being happy. 

As per my understanding and experience so far, life is a balancing act, day in day out. People who have understood this and took control at the earliest, find peace and happiness in their life. Success follows them since they make it happen in the way they desire it. The happy person can improve life not only for himself but also for others by spreading his positive energy on them.

Our good health is the basic canvas on which we draw the picture of our life; I felt that to obtain a healthy mind and body, happiness is the key which comes only when we have the control over our emotions, in turn our reactions to situations. Hence, although at times I am overcome with sadness, anger, regrets and resentments, I don’t want to allow them to run amok forever. I take a decision, shift the gear and turn my focus on the infinite blessings of my life and force / fake a smile initially which soon turn into the natural feeling. 😊☺️

I am neither a saint nor can become one 😌😉 but totally unwilling to live in perpetual misery as I sincerely believe my life is a gift and I should cherish the moments as merrily as possible. Because That is my ‘ultimate Goal’ 👍😊

My plain and simple suggestion is……whenever you are feeling low, change gear, focus on the positive, fake a smile and ‘Be natural self’ again, ‘coz, we are ‘Born Here To Be Happy’ 😁😀😃

Happy Weekend to all!!!!🎊🎊🎉🎉💐💐


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Winged Days

An unhurried sense of time in itself is wealth – Anonymous

Why the days fly so fast?Why can’t they slow down a bit? Minutes vanish when I blink and turn into hours and days. Days chase weeks and weekends away. Before even I  am sure of the current date, another month is here already. Is time playing with me only or with all?

I wake up on a Friday and turn over to see the Sunday evening. Monday opens up with the blues and soon Thursday is ringed in with the green bells. Either week days or weekends, all those 24 hours run like a marathoner and reach their end line in a flash.   Recollecting the accomplishment of a day or a week or a month is so foggy that it is unclear whether I achieved it this year or in the year before 😉 My memory is always not that strong  😛

I like my days to be unhurried and relaxed enough to do the things I want to do. It should be long enough for me to complete them and feel a sense of achievement before I hit the bed. This blurry rush of things and always doing some chores as routine life demands are not what I planned my days to be. 😦


But I also know, I am the pilot of my days and should  manoeuvre it in the direction I choose to travel. It is the speed which I need to take control first! 😀

More mastery and  command over the clock soon!

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Here is the Why!

Why I want to write a blog? I have asked this question so many times to self and here is the answer….

I enjoy putting down my thoughts in words. Its like having a conversation with a patient listener who doesn’t interrupt or change the topic!

While writing I like the way my connected thoughts pouring out and my brain working overtime to get more related ideas from the far corners where I have stored them.

They may be coming from my experience or what I have read years before or seen in today’s newspaper. They may be related to the current scenario or something happened to others somewhere sometime.

Once typed down, it gives me immense pleasure and relief which I compare sometime with delivering the baby. I will be restless like a pregnant woman in the last trimester eagerly awaiting the due date, till then. Once delivered/finished the draft, I will be keep checking the whole body (text) to see whether all in good shape and perfect form. :’) before inviting the world to see my baby.

Also like all happy and proud mothers I always look forward to the compliments showered on my awesome baby… 🙂  So, please like, comment and follow me!!


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Have a Good day!

Today morning I woke up reluctantly although I knew my schedule and deadlines to meet. While contemplating to prolong the sleep a while more, my thoughts drifted to the different things that motivate each one to leave sleep and embrace the morning every day.

The passion of doing things they like will motivate some to jump out of the bed and involve themselves whereas as basic as of having good food may rouse up so many.

For some it is what they do, get up and carry on the daily chores in a routine way till they hit the bed and again the same dreary day next. While for some it is a God given gift to wake up to a new morning.

It may be duties they have towards their children and family which pushes some out of their slumber while it is the eagerness to meet ‘the one’ today for a few.

Making money or making it big awakens people sometime and other times it is just the thought of having quietness before the humdrum of a busy day.

Fitness freaks keep their shoes next to the bed and hop into them as soon as the alarm rings whereas lazy ones waiting for someone to pour a bucketful of water on their head.

Smarties planned their schedule to the ‘T’ and nothing will stop them from achieving their goals leave alone a cosy bed on a chill morning.

For grandparents, it may be the day their grandkid is visiting, hence need an early rise to make special preparations while young parents haven’t slept at all.

Some kids have their fixed time slots for sleeping and getting up during exam time with their parents keeping prior slots to ensure they stick to them.

Most have different schedules for weekdays and weekends though that cannot be said for quite a few. The stirring up happens on earth for most of us with some come to life on air and a handful do in the space too.

Wherever you are and whenever you emerge from the sleep, whatever you look forward to or planned to accomplish today, be there and relish each moment.

Wishing a very Good day to you all!



I wish……

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

I wish I know what to do with my hands whenever I pose alone for a photograph….

I wish I do things spontaneously, sometime…

I wish I  learn to say less and listen more……

I wish I impose my ideas little strongly or support a side staunchly….

I wish the swelling in my chest and the possessiveness I exude are not so overt whenever my loved ones are appreciated……

I wish I remember my finest points before the argument is over not after an hour…..

I wish I halt the imagination that all the symptoms of  a disease I just read about, are already existing in me …

I wish I could command my tears to go back to their glands after I realise how foolish it is to shed them….

I wish I end the urge to  smoothen the sofa cover or puff the pillows every time I pass….

I wish I remain strong and hold my ground when I say ‘NO’ to my son…..

I wish I am able to control the yearning for some extraordinary talent which I could never have……..

I wish I start accounting my expenses and making a monthly grocery list ….

I wish I stop looking at the cute girl dresses and think how good they will look on my unborn daughter….

I wish I don’t watch so many cooking videos on youtube or collect all awesome recipes for my future day preparations…..

…… OR……

I wish I could protect my mind from thinking too much !!!!!!! 😉 😉 🙂




Fitness Play

Scene I

I love cycling and got my first cycle when I was seven years old and that means I learnt to cycle before that.

It indicates two other things too:

One, Early on, I never liked to walk and preferred to cycle or use a vehicle;

Two, since cycling kept me fit, I have never been part of any sport. 🙂

Only game I ever interested  was cricket for the energy it brought in our home with a whole lot of people coming together to watch but learnt nothing about playing it. Our team winning was the only objective for me and ‘How’ was not at all in my concern.

When I entered the world of books, I was more than happy to stop pretending to watch cricket too and immersed myself in the printed words.

Scene II

Away from home and TV, took away my little interest in any sport although cricket kept poking its head in my life. Volunteered once to assist the teams purely for fun and time pass, when a Ranji Trophy cricket match was played between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on our college grounds. That gave me an opportunity to see Javagal Srinath, Krishnamachari Srikant and a chance to chat with Syed Kirmani one afternoon. All that created excitement solely for entertainment purpose and nothing to do with the sport.

The first sport shoes I ever bought was for the compulsory physical education course we had to register in college. I used to get angry whenever the PET asked us to run around the ground, which is every Tuesday as per timetable. I strictly maintained the minimum attendance required for that course till it was over in the third year. I actually lost an outstanding OGPA award only because of scoring a ‘C’ in that course, much to the chagrin of our undergraduate course coordinator.

Scene III

I enter the marriage life with a fitness freak, who loves, plays and follows anything called sport. His fun on a weekend is walking five kilometres, sweating and having a nice hot shower afterwards. He loves waking up at 4 in the morning and doing  yoga on the creekside with sun rising behind us. While on official tour, he hits the gym before starting a day and while on vacation prefers running on the beach. Somehow managed without getting affected too much by his enthusiasm although liked the fresh energy every time I join him. Still loved the books and my morning sleep.

Birth of our child and the great responsibilities of being a mom just carried me without any need for even thinking of doing anything as the active boy kept me on my toes and meanwhile taken care of my fitness too.

Scene IV

Shift to Bangalore and a great place with full fledged gym, swimming pool, nice jogging track amidst the green trees and lawn. Nope I love the library, my books and loved talking to people even when I go to stroll.

Yes its good to see all walking fast, going to gym, swim and joining Zumba/aerobics/Yoga.

No, it’s not my cup of tea, I am fine.

Scene V

Hit the magical forty, metabolism changes and hormonal dramas, more responsibilities coupled with mindless eating led to a right side tilting of weighing scales and stretching of the measuring tape to its end.

Though vertical growth stopped at 18, horizontal growth took its turn now with a vengeance showing its superiority. All the calories just settled on my body and hugged me with so much love as much I showed on consuming them.

Back , hip, knee, ankle, elbows, shoulder , neck you name the part and I had pain there.

No other go, hit the gym, test the waters in the pool, start walking and stop talking, read Rujuta Diwakar instead of mysteries and thrillers, mind voice advised. A new journey began.

Scene VI

Loved the pool whenever I go and the happiness of floating in water cannot be explained.Though not a good swimmer, can splash around and enjoyed the moments.

Gym training helped me understand different work outs and the effect they have on our body but somehow the closed area, too many sweaty people and swollen ankle pushed me out after a six months session.

Open air walking allowed me explore our complex better and find me a favourite spot, a bench on the lawn which started pulling me everyday. Fixed time schedule, walking for certain amount of time calculating the calories and distance covered, ending with good stretching and doing pranayama, became my routine for the last one year.

Scene VII

Spouse being a marathoner ultimately brought my attention to running although scared to take it up with weak knees and ankles. A life coach in our complex and his well designed schedule (check out gave me the confidence to try my luck on running but dropped after a session due to lack of understanding and improper practice.

New year began with registering for Pinkathon and joining a group of energetic ladies who keep motivating each other. I am charged now and looking forward to my routine schedule of fitness and the benefits accrued with it.

Wait for Scene VIII…….

Who knows I may take part in the future Olympics 😉







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We will Go out…!

“Riiiiiiitaaaaa…..Are you coming or not”?

Leela stood near the door with a scowl on her face and hands on her hip. Rita switched off the phone urgently and jumped out of her bed.

” Lets Go” she said avoiding her eyes and grabbing her hand bag. Both left their room hurriedly and hopped into the taxi waiting near the gate. Leela instructed the driver to take them to the restaurant where they have to join their friends for the dinner.

It was a lovely summer day and as sun dipping in the West it was beginning to get dark although it’s nearing 7 in the evening. Above the restaurant there is a bowling alley and before dinner all are supposed to play a game together, as per the plan. Both in their mid twenties and working for an IT establishment, were looking forward to this evening for the last one month with a lot of excitement.

While the driver was negotiating the traffic, Leela turned to Rita and asked her “What were you busy with on the phone? We are going to be late and miss out all the chatting and laughing” she pouted her lips to show her disappointment.

Rita in a consoling tone replied, “Sorry di, just got caught up with the FB updates and some WA messages, and accused her, ” you could have warned me earlier!

Immediately seeing her friend’s angry reaction, changed in a pacifying voice, ” We will reach in time, you know Reshmi right, she always comes late. Instead of us waiting for her, let her wait for us this time. Listen, how’s my dress, my hair is fine right? You are looking gorgeous in this bottle green dress and the earrings are beautiful. ”

Leela became animated and started explaining why she chose the dress and how she paired it with the accessories matching, which took care of the whole journey with Rita responding with required Oohs and Ahs, perfectly.

Party was as jolly as it could be, friends, gossips, booze, loads of lip smacking food, music and dance, a perfect annual day party that anyone could ask for. Leela and Rita relished the whole thing as it is their first annual day party with this company after they have joined.

However, both are well aware of their limit and being thick friends from college days, they interfered when required and safeguarded each other from doing anything or getting into anything which they may regret later. It was fun to forget their routine life and celebrate the youthfulness all around. Meet, chat, laugh and socialise the reason for which they’ve come to the party and that objective they never deviated from.

They quit the party around 10 pm saying loud byes to everyone who can hear. Once reached the road, Leela powered her phone on and clicked the app to locate a taxi nearby their location.

“Oh, no! Taxi is available only after thirty minutes, we already came out and can’t go inside again” Leela sighed.

Rita looked around and said, “Hey! Lets walk for sometime till the junction and you try again, may be more cabs will be available there; isn’t it a pleasant weather to walk also” indicating the  road ahead with a few walking.

Leela agreed happily and they started walking slowly recalling all the jokes shared in the party and confirming the gossips they heard among themselves, interspersed with a controlled laughter and a giggle.

Reaching the junction, they stood near a bus stop where some are waiting for the bus and a fruit hawker covering his stall with polythene sheets and packing the unsold fruits in separate crates carefully. Two men zoomed on their bikes in the deserted road in a carefree way while a near empty bus went on the opposite side without any hurry. A street dog curled up against the pavement and settled for the night with half closed eyes.

Rekha pulled out her phone from the bag and checked the app for the nearby taxis and as she found that there was one in two minutes distance, she confirmed the booking. Within seconds, her phone rang and a male voice with a heavy Hindi accent asked her the location to which Rekha replied in fluent Kannada, hearing which the guy relaxed and said “Ok madam, Bega barthini”

A white Tata indica with a yellow board pulled next to them and Rita confirmed the taxi number from the sms they received with the car registration number in a quick glance before opening the back door. They both got into the taxi and settled comfortably in the seats and gave the CRN number which the driver accepted and started the taxi.

Rita in a casual tone asked “Have you had your dinner Anna?” The driver sheepishly said, “Yes Madam, Just finished when your call came, the Kuruma smell is still there in my hands” showed his right hand holding the steering in left. “Did you have madam”? he enquired and without waiting for her answer he continued “You must have finished since you are coming from a party, as I can see” and smiled through the central mirror.

“Yes, Yes, We had our stomach full, no need to eat for next one week” as Leela said, driver laughed out loudly.

By the time they were near the signal,  Leela told him to take the right turn and asked him whether he knows their colony for which he affirmed saying that he knew every corner in the city as he is in the profession for the last 10 years although the city has changed a lot recently. As he recounted his experiences, punctuated by the girl’s Aha’s, Ho ho’s and customary nodding of head, they reached their destination.

After settling the bill, they both said a big ‘Thank you’ to the driver and entered their apartment. While keying in the lock, Rita said in a sleepy voice, “All went very well, lets catch some sleep, good night” to Leela who was stifling a yawn and followed her inside.