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Celebration – OET of the Day

Today I am in celebratory mode, in India we are celebrating Our New year which is called Puthandu in Tamil, Vishu in Malayalam, Baisakhi in Punjabi, Ugadi in Kannada, Pohele Boishakh in Bengali. 🙂

The celebrations mark the beginning of our solar year and the first day of the regional calendars. This time it fell on a Friday which is considered as an auspicious day by the Hindus giving an optimistic outlook for the new year all around. This season is when we get lot of fresh fruits especially the king of the fruits ‘Mango’ and Jack fruit which are my favourites, one more reason for the celebration.😋🍋


The monsoon showers about to start hereafter which are eagerly awaited throughout the country enabling bountiful agricultural production as farming was affected last year due to drought. I personally praying and looking forward to a good monsoon this year. With clouds gathering across the sky, I can sniff the rains 😉

It is also Good Friday and throughout the world christians are merrily preparing for the Easter Sunday. Hence I feel the apt emotion for the day is ‘Celebration’🌈🎉🎉

Live, Love and Celebrate!!!!!! Wishing you all a great weekend!




Ten days are over after participating for the first time in the females only running event ‘Pinkathon’ in our city  and I have decided today to ponder over the experience.

Foremost in my mind is the buzz it caused in our apartment complex. With more than 30 ladies in different age groups participating en masse was enough to create a talk and with the group successfully completing their respective distances turned it into a full blown news item. It had been the conversation starter ever since and all showed a genuine appreciation for the group. With uploads of photos in social network platforms, the details reached world wide.

It all began a month back, forming a group, inspiring and motivating each other, joining for the practice sessions, Bib collection trips, transportation arrangement to the venue, discussion about post run activities, all focussed to keep the momentum and excitement alive.

The actual experience fully met the expectations with everything going as planned and the fun element is included in everything from waking up early to selfie moments to ride up to venue to the Zumba session for warming up and finally the run on the road with ten thousand more women. It was amazing!!!!!!

As I reflect upon my affair with this fixture , the following played in my mind:

  • It gave me an objective to look forward to and plan the daily activities surrounding this objective.
  • The anticipation to know how much I can push my body and the suspense of the unknown outcome on the D day
  • The opportunity to better the time over the previous performances now armed with the newfound knowledge and practical wisdom
  • The appreciation received for the regular work out and its effects on the body is the real adrenalin pusher.


The organisers of the run along with the frontal bib, had given one more bib to be pinned on the back. This back bib came with the tagline ‘I leave behind‘ to be completed by the runners with their choice of words/verbs/nouns/sentences.

I liked the concept and embraced it by writing the one thing I really want to leave behind and pinned my bib dutifully on the back of my pink t-shirt for the whole world to see. I am also intrigued to know what others in my group wrote and also made a mental note to see as many messages while on the path.

Some of the messages I got from the group, the ones I saw in the venue and while on the road are summed up here.

I leave behind

My insecurities
My past life
Need to be fair (complexion)
Regret about past deeds
Fear of change
Need to be perfect
Fear of running
Getting up early
Short temper(this is mine ;)………….etc..

The Run

The venue was packed with the milling pink & white crowd starting from toddlers to senior citizens, in sarees as seen in a wedding to minimal dresses as required to fashionistas ready to walk on the ramp to those who didn’t care the world except to cover from head to toe to protect against the chill. There were every type to see and appreciate.

Some sincerely ran, some came just to take selfies every ten meters. Some ran alone while many walked in groups and blocked the whole road without any care. Some chatted away about their plans for next year run.

A few ran only when they spotted a photographer zooming on his lens and continued their stroll after crossing him . Some might not have even gone on the road as quite a few were dancing for the music near the stage, as I have noticed before and after my run.

I ran at a steadier pace and without any stress and felt very good about it. I didn’t better the time or run fully as I had anticipated but the satisfaction is unequivocal. The thoughts about cancer survivors and people fighting their battles against this deadly disease filled my mind whole time and I have dedicated my small feat to all of them.

Way Back

Collecting the pack of goodies and the finisher medal ( a cute pink cloth doll made by Tsunami survivors, we were told), with adrenalin pumping, we shed our shyness and tried to shake legs with the music. A long walk to the nearby restaurant didn’t get the breakfast we wanted and hence decided to stop in a ‘Thindi’ (Roadside cafe) on the way. Though not much was said before the run, a lot discussed on the return trip accompanied by intermittent laughter.

We resumed our discussion about future running events a day after but it is  a given that to raise up to this one will take another year 🙂

“We don’t meet people by accident; They are meant to cross our path for a reason”