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Winged Days

An unhurried sense of time in itself is wealth – Anonymous

Why the days fly so fast?Why can’t they slow down a bit? Minutes vanish when I blink and turn into hours and days. Days chase weeks and weekends away. Before even I  am sure of the current date, another month is here already. Is time playing with me only or with all?

I wake up on a Friday and turn over to see the Sunday evening. Monday opens up with the blues and soon Thursday is ringed in with the green bells. Either week days or weekends, all those 24 hours run like a marathoner and reach their end line in a flash.   Recollecting the accomplishment of a day or a week or a month is so foggy that it is unclear whether I achieved it this year or in the year before 😉 My memory is always not that strong  😛

I like my days to be unhurried and relaxed enough to do the things I want to do. It should be long enough for me to complete them and feel a sense of achievement before I hit the bed. This blurry rush of things and always doing some chores as routine life demands are not what I planned my days to be. 😦


But I also know, I am the pilot of my days and should  manoeuvre it in the direction I choose to travel. It is the speed which I need to take control first! 😀

More mastery and  command over the clock soon!


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Sharp Witted and Smart

I can’t call my son a hyperactive or a mischievous kid. (He is all of 12 now 🙋‍♂️) He never did anything in a hurry or involved in making or breaking things by way of curiosity. He satisfied his inquisitive child mind by reading innumerable books and extensively (need to put rules oftentimes) using his iPad.📱

He started to Google when he was pronouncing it as ‘Gulgul’ and is a storehouse of information on topics interested him (like Football, Scientific principles, Chemical elements, Apple products, Indian and Greek Mythology, to name a few). I do appreciate and be proud (as a mom can be) of the quick way with which he retrieves the details when necessary and delivers in a calm and composed manner.

He always makes me laugh with his replies and sometimes help to diffuse the seriousness of the situations. (He must have inherited the sense of humour and quick wit from his father as I take time to respond and nowadays it doesn’t come out funny most of the time)

I always tell him that I should note them down and write a post sometime. Recently I have noted some and would like to register them here for eternity. 🙂

Veiled Complement!

I made Neyyappam (a south Indian sweet dish made with rice, jaggery and ghee for the folks from other parts of the world) for a festival.  The taste of the final product was good but its shape was not as it supposed to be. I was upset and felt bad that it is not upto the mark.

After eating a piece, my son said “Amma it tastes very good and I like it because it is identical as you, very nice but without shape”  (😜😅 Hey sure, I got motivated to get in shape from that time)

A good gift

During one of the holidays, his friend’s  mom sent a big message asking him not to call in their landline so many times in a day to invite her son to play as it disturbs him too much. After a long conversation with my son I have understood that it was exaggerated by the boy for some other reason since only three calls were made in five days. However, instructed him not to call the boy anymore to avoid misunderstanding with the Mom.

After a few days, that friend’s birthday was ensuing and so asked my son “What do you want to give X as a birthday gift?” He replied “ How about a phone call??”” 😉 😛📞


One day we both saw a guy running in the mid afternoon, while we were coming back home. Since I know the guy from being a teenager, I stopped the car and asked him why he is out in the hot sun. He said that he got up late and wanted to work out.🏃🏻

At home, I casually asked my son “Will you also be like this at his age? Not going to work and getting up late, etc?”

He said “What’s wrong? I may marry a rich working woman and be at home”

I said, “If you marry a rich working woman, you should take care of home and kid(s). Don’t think it is easy,  you should put in a lot of work”

He replied, “You are a hypocrite, you are a staying at home parent now and telling me why shouldn’t I be one”🙆

Lying plainly 

He is so confident about his looks and personality which I do agree ( For every mother, her kid(s) is/are the best) and he loves it.

But once in a while I make comments about his hair or teeth or dress which needs attention saying it looks ‘horrible’ (exaggeration to get attention…moms can agree with me) to which he will react angrily.

So I asked him once, “You just believe when I say you look awesome but getting angry when I say you don’t. Why is that so?”

He said “because that’s when you are lying” !!!!!🤦‍♀️

Life is interesting with him around and I am thankful for that!👪images-14

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Busy..ness as usual

Hi All,

The repair and maintenance work taken up at home (usual doing summer holidays and this time changed the flooring!), consumed my time wholly and couldn’t post anything new for the last few days.

Spent a lot of time inside the house and going through the things to discard and store. This led me to write a piece which I was postponing for long.

In that post I reminisced about some of the memorable moments I have shared with my son and the memory brought smiles.

Just check out and let me know your important-never-to-be-forgotten instances in your life, especially with the kid(s) if you are a parent 🙂

Will soon come with a post on OET – One Emotional Thing- of my day!!!


Linked in memories

Do you link people with each activity in your life?

I Do.

I remember my dad while kneading the flour, who told me how it is important to knead the dough properly to get the best rotis/pooris.

Every time I grind in mixie, the memory of helping my mom years back, when we first got mixie in our house will appear in front of my eyes.

I recall my MIL saying, “this way is the best way to stir” whenever I stir the pot.

When I hear a particular song, a scene involving a friend of mine where we both guessed the song at the same time years back in her house, plays in my mind .

When I see a certain word in the newspaper, I go in a trance thinking about the person who explained the word to me.

I remember my MIL’s sister who gave me a notebook of kolams hand drawn by her with color sketches in it, all the time I put Kolam(rangoli) in our home

When seeing a specific movie songs on TV, I go to my childhood, where my brother memorised the lyrics dutifully and impressed us.

I get the memory of a friend whenever I tie my saree since she is the one who tied my first saree in the college hostel.

Upon seeing a particular model vehicle, it takes me to the friend with whom I have travelled in it first time.

When lighting the lamp, I get the image of my sister who loved to do it everyday in our home.

When I see an actress, the memory of the friend who resembled her in college days and all the time we spent together comes rushing in.

When I eat idlies, it comes to my mind how my elder sister hated them after having them in lunchbox throughout school days.

A joke shared may pop open a brain cell to bring forth a cousin and the place we vacationed.

When I hear about a particular ailment it reminds me of the person who suffered from it in my office.

A certain shop will always remain as a place visited with my Sister-in-law and a restaurant with another SIL!

The movie, ‘Still Alice’, which shows the deterioration of the brain cells in the main character (Splendidly performed by Julianne Moore) after the early onset of a rare Alzheimer disease, which I watched recently and became emotional, brought forth all these links with my thoughts. I got involved with the movie so much and started relating to the incidences where I forgot things  and couldn’t recollect even after scratching my head. 🙂

Her pain is relatable as who would like to forget all these memories linking us to so many loved ones in our life. So by putting them here, I can at least back up once in a while!!:D